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Luna Must Die

2007-11-19 20:42:16 by Emptygoddess

So who wants to blow up the moon? I'm thinking that's what needs to happen. A big ol moon explosion. The earth has always had the moon as its primary combatant. Moving through the stars like solar glaciers, circling each other as epoch old combatants. Waiting for the other to make a mistake. All it would take is a single moment of weakness and the moon would body check us into the sun so fast we wouldn't know what hit us. (well we would, it's kinda hard to miss the moon.)
If you don't think it's true that the moon is waiting for its chance, go out into the star filled night alone. Don't take a lover or a best friend or some crap like that. Go out there alone and stare up into the cold reaches of space at that single white cyclopean death orb that stares back. Watch it, just watch it hanging up there, waiting, always waiting.

Scientists say the moon's orbit is moving away from the earth. Is this it finally getting the message and backing off? Or is it trying to lull us into a false sense of security. Another science fact is that the moon to earth ratio, is the closest of any planet known to exist. It is almost one quarter as big as the earth is. It's giant. It's a giant freak of a moon. Always waiting for its chance.

We can't give it that chance. Every day we hesitate is another day it is able to study us for weaknesses. For billions of years the earth stood defenseless against this circling ravenous wolf, reading to take down our giant lumbering sick moose of a planet. But earth has spawned a race, crazy violent and crazy intuitive, with the know how and the love of explosives and pain to save it.
I propose mission Luna Crush. There are a few ways we could do it. Some kind of giant laser to slice the moon in half. This of course might cause it in its death throws to send the two halves toppling down at us, like two giant buzz saws of doom... Maybe some kind of internal explosion? But then its tiny remaining fragments would pummel us like the stereotypical nerd who decided to be like the movies and stand up to the bully, only unlike in the movies this just means the bully has a good reason to hit him.

So what options do we have? Perhaps some kind of repulser ray. Send it careening off, into the depths of space.... But then of course it could return in one thousand years to seek revenge. I don't want that. It's not like I'll be dead. I'll have a cool robot body by then and I don't need a vengeful moon wrecking that.

Seems to me the only option is to create a black hole in the very center of the moon. Using science, of course. (what else would you use? Magic. Magic can't create black holes! That's a science thing) So by applying enough science directly to the moon's core, and thus turning it into a black hole of dea- wait... that would then mean there would be a black hole orbiting earth... or well more likely, we would orbit it until us and the rest of the solar system was sucked into the oblivion we had created ourselves...

I can see this is going to take some planning. Some careful thought, and a lot more science then I originally considered. If you have any theories on lunacide feel free to tell me them at it must be stopped. Every second we waist is another potential planet ending one.

People if there has ever been a threat that effects us all, it's this one. Together we can beat the moon. Together we WILL beat the moon. Somehow...

Does anyone else hope to be taller then they are right now?

2007-07-30 15:38:54 by Emptygoddess

I know that I stopped growing, long ago. Infact from enough distance away I look perfectly round. But it's hard to give up the dream of wishing to not be short. Not that i dream to be tall. I mean being tall is great and all, you can actually get things off shelves, you can pet short people as if they were dogs... lots of things. I don't really want to end up with that slight slouch in my shoulders tall people seem to get, probably from having to hunch over and see us mortal non tall people's faces.

No, I do not wish to be tall, simply taller then I am. I would prefer some magical method, perhaps finding a genie lamp and growing an inch or two is the only wish they can grant. Or some kind of rock, ware if i pick up the rock, i get taller. I wouldn't want the method of my size increasure to be technological. For one, science pretty much always hurts. To get taller I'd probably have to go through tremendous pain. Also, if it was tech, everyone would have the option, and once everyone had decided to get taller, I'd be in the exact same place i was before! Shortness is relative.

So one day, I want to be able to reach top shelves without the use of a stool, a steady dog, or a chair. Until that day, I can only gaze up at the clouds and hope. I have a feeling many people will be gazing up with me.

Aliens would also be an acceptable way to get taller. Not like through alien tech, but like if we run into a really short race of aliens, and they join human society. With a bunch of little green midgets walking around i would feel mighty tall indeed.

Does anyone else hope to be taller then they are right now?