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Boon Hill: A Graveyard Simulator

2013-05-01 17:36:05 by Emptygoddess

Greetings again Newgrounds!

It has been awhile. Not for lack of trying mind you. I'm still working on many projects to show your face. This, is not really one of them. This post is about that thing you've been hearing about so often, the kickstarter. elcome-to-boon-hill

Look at that, a kickstarter me and other friends are involved with. It's a game about exploring a graveyard and reading epitaphs. It's about the nature of the legacy we leave behind and the stories there are to be discovered in places we don't always think to look or take for granted. You know, artsy stuff like that.

If you have a moment you should check it out, because if it does well, I'll totally be paid for pixel art and junk, which is something that is nice, being paid. Oooooh how sweet being paid is.

If you think it sounds awesome, show it off to a friend of yours, to help promote its glorious glory.

If you think it sounds dumb, show it of to an enemy of yours, to punish them for daring to be your enemy.

It's actually doing surprisingly well, especially considering the 'does this really count as a game?' basis of it. Pre ordering the game only costs like five dollars, so really, what would it cost you to pre order a copy?

(The answer is five dollars)

All of you have a wonderful day.


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2013-05-02 10:57:07

This project gave me a BONER.


Emptygoddess responds:

If that was a pun I don't get it.

Wait, dead people have bones?


2013-05-03 02:26:33

I think I might support this project, I absolutely love your work, and the game sounds like it'd be a blast to explore, with humor at every turn.

Leave no stone unchecked.

I was surprised to see another News post from you, would absolutely love to see more flash work from you.

Emptygoddess responds:

Do it. Support it or die.


2013-09-02 20:36:42

Okay, i'm arriving a little late, but this is great dude! I've kind of lost my hope with projects coming from you since the "Dueling Galaxy" stuff.

It seems like "Boon Hill" got funded a while ago. I can't believe you've actually raised 12.000 dollars with it's premise, since it looks like it will be really slow paced... Though on the other hand it's also seems like interesting stuff, at least don't remember having seen something similar before. So... How's the project going? Everything coming together? In either way good luck, i'm looking forward to the release.

And, obligatory since it has been months since your last post: pls dont die.


2013-11-21 23:07:15


You can see updates on the Project on the Kickstarter Page. Even if you can't see it because they're Backer Only, you should be able to see the date posted. So you can see they haven't died off yet. =P Just hard at work~


2014-01-12 12:43:38

Hello Emptygoddess, been a fan of some of your work and I have to admit you do some very good flash movies, as for your kickstarter project "Welcome to Boon Hill" I'm glad that passed the amount required, its unfortunate it didn't reached up to $20,000 dollars then personally hope but I bet it'll be a good turn-out none the less.

You ever plan to one day do more flash movies again? Not that you have to but I figured I ask, perhaps a flash movie about yourself as The Deity of Emptiness? Not sure what you think but just a random crazy thought I had in mind.


2014-01-23 23:24:14

danke 4 wunderbar tag


2016-09-03 02:16:30

Dude, I found out that you recently released the game! I'm totally going to go check this out. Congrats on getting your game released!

Emptygoddess responds:

Thanks! Super nice of you to say. It came out... okay. I mean, yaknow.


2017-08-23 20:33:38