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Look! I maded somethng!

2012-05-23 15:18:14 by Emptygoddess

It is attached! The beautiful image of what I have made. See it in all its pixelish glory.

No, it isn't the beginning of any kind of project or anything like that. I made it just becaaaaaause. Look at how amazing.

It is perhaps even more beautiful, then the first sunrise that ever was. Perhaps more beautiful then the rain that falls but once a year on the tiny desert lands. Perhaps it is even more beautiful, then the first time a child's cry was heard upon this land. Or perhaps it's some mediocre pixel art done in the style of fire emblem and Gradius.

Take careful note of how i failed to properly center and balance the text.

This is the kind of boredom that being out of work will force you into kids. Stay in school, get a job, and don't waste your life and dreams on becoming a fairly medicore at best, pixel artist. It is not worth it.

But look at those space ships! Pew pew! pew! Vrrrnnsh! BRAAOONNNGZNN!

As for the image, it's uh... three people, one is short, one is a lizard person in a space suit, another is a pink haired individual with some kind of laser sword, all of them are standing in the shadow of someone evil. Or, someone with reaaaally bad scoliosis. While behind them, tiny poorly drawn space ships fight, one of them may be REALLY poorly drawn, or exploding. It is not clear which is its fate.

The image also proclaims 'Space, Volume One' or 'Volume One, Space' it's hard to tell which way it's supposed to be read, considering that the word space is first... yet below. Counter intuitive to all western style reading. Then, even more confusingly, below all that, in the bottom corner, is the phrase 'Dueling Galaxy' as if someone wanted to fill an ungly while space in the image. So which is it? is this thing called Space? Dueling Galaxy? Volume One? If this isn't the start of some project what does any of that even mean?

Nothing, my friends. It all means nothing.


Look! I maded somethng!


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2012-05-24 00:15:47

Hey! You're still alive! That's good news. Reading your posts is fun. It's like there's something always going way over my head no matter how smart I feel for comprehending your consistent undertone of psychological confusion and acceptance of life's irony.

Your image is offensive to sufferers of scoliosis. Implying that everyone with scoliosis is evil, and likes to terrorize really weird characters while the galaxy... duels.

Make the project. You can do it. You're competent enough. That's what I think anyway. I'm always ready to be proven wrong.

Emptygoddess responds:

Everyone with scoliosis IS evil.


2012-05-24 19:12:18

I knew someone with scoliosis once, actually. And they were evil. I guess I should have connected these dots before.

Speaking from a statistically analytical standpoint, I have to say you're right.

The spell-checker is telling me that analytical isn't a word, but I don't even care.

Emptygoddess responds:

Spell checkers are also evil.


2012-05-25 14:02:40

Maaaaaaaaaan, what dramatic irony.

I would've loved to see another video from you, Mrs. EmptyGoddess (That's Mr and Ms, fused! Clever, no?) So are you planning on taking Space Girls: Dueling Galaxy: Volume One into something more than a teaser image? Cause it is flawlessly done. Even more tantalizing is that the shadow they're standing on looks like it's a shadow of a dark figure, or it could even be just a cliff they're posing on!

But then you have to think about running with scissors.

Emptygoddess responds:

Think about it? that's my main mode of transportation.


2012-05-25 16:38:06

Looks pretty nice. But knowing how sarcastic you are I'll take this with a grain salt as a possible teaser of a new movie. Probably not though.

Emptygoddess responds:

I said it wasn't a teaser for a new movie. Wait... does that mean if i'm being sarcastic it is or...

Huh... now i feel confused.


2012-05-29 03:55:55 offense here. And I'm not saying I don't like it, because I do! But...umm...were you by any chance...HIGH...when you made this? C'mon! Admit it. You were high. Lol. Do honestly love your work tho. :)

Emptygoddess responds:

I wish I had that kind of manual dexterity while high. I'd be hella productive.


2012-08-25 22:01:28

You... you still comment on everything. EVERYTHING. I honestly think you've doubled the total number of comments on your movies, news entries, etc. purely from your witty remarks and how others want to read your replies.

I drop by Newgrounds for the first time in a few years and think, "What was my favorite video?" Immediately pops in my head, "LoL: Oh Yes And Spiders." The voices, the animations, and the wit were so good. I couldn't believe it existed on Newgrounds back then and I still can't believe it now.

Oh, wait, this was supposed to be a comment about your news feed, right? Right. Well, the text above it claims it's the 50th entry. So, happy 50th? That makes you old, right? Right.

What, I'm supposed to comment on the actual entry? Oh, well, I can do that. I can't say I was pleased when the conclusion drawn was nothing. Honestly, who wants to read several paragraphs of text on the Internet to find out it was pointless? Oh, wait, people do that all of the time. Or, I suppose they used to. Now, who reads when they can watch videos on major websites like Youtube. Oh, look at me getting sidetracked again.

Focus. Focus. Okay. The picture itself is interesting. I honestly can't tell if the two ships firing lasers, bullets, or something else are aiming at the ship exploding or the one above it. Actually, the object above the explosion (for lack of better words) looks like a normal fighter jet. It isn't actually a fighter jet, right? Right. It's a spaceship that just looks like a fighter jet. Or, are all of those fighter jets that look like spaceships ganging up on a spaceship that looks like a fighter jet? I can't say; I'm not the artist.

Well, I've got a little under 700 characters remaining in this comment. But, can it really be called a comment? I mean, wouldn't a comment be more analytical about your entry as a whole and not just the picture? Well, it's a good thing that reporting isn't my line of work, or I would be out of a job.

Now, I'm curious regarding your reply. Will it be short (dare I say one or two words) to contrast my lengthy comment? Will it be long to complement my writing? Will there be the dreaded nothing? I've yet to see you NOT respond, but who knows, maybe this was your last hurrah on Newgrounds. I'd love to see you involved with something else on the Internet, but that's just a dream of mine, I suppose.

Oh no, out of characters

Emptygoddess responds:

You seem very intense.